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Probiotics are living microscopic organisms that can benefit health and wellness, they can consist of microorganisms, yeasts, or other bacteria that resemble the "good" bacteria that currently reside in the body

Our blend of 4 strains (40 billion CFU/g) of Probiotic Bacteria. Pro40+ is designed to give a high effectiveness and balance of beneficial bacteria, by taking on a regular basis it can aid in keeping healthy intestinal flora.

 *Help Strengthen The Bodies Defenses
 *Boost digestive Health
 *Great For Women’s General Health
 *Helps Replenish Healthy Bacteria



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I have been taking the PRO40+ capsules now for 2 weeks and I have already found a massive improvement in my gut health. I have suffered with Gastritis for years and hiatus hernia, after not getting any medication for decades from taking anti-inflammatory meds to protect my stomach. My stomach has been immensely sensitive to different foods to the point totally unable to eat them. I have gradually started reintroducing certain foods with success. The medication I eventually had literally has done me no good whatsoever, so I am more than happy. Definitely worth trying

- Teresa B 


𝗣𝗿𝗼40+ 🤯
This is no joke..
It has helped with my bloat
It has helped with 💩 lol
I have had so much trouble since I was 19 when I got my gallbladder taken out with bowel movements 😒 . I'm 39 and just a week in and I have gone regularly and feel so much better. Bloat is going way down and I don't feel blah all the time.

- Andrea L




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