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Slenderize - Weight Management


A reliable weight management product as a result of the capacity to harness 3 of the market's most reliable weight management ingredients all in to one incredibly effective formula

It is able to be so efficient as a result of its capability to normally raise the temperature, boost your metabolism which aids you reduce cravings and shed unwanted fat cells in the body assisting in helping you manage your weight.

 *Boost Metabolism
 *Enhances fat burn 
 *Appetite control
 *Increases Energy
 *Supports breakdown of fat cells


Vegan Friendly


Brand:  Nutonic 
Slenderize - Weight Management
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Slenderize - Weight Management
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Never in a million years did I think my results would be this noticeable from taking the #Slenderize & #nuketo drops with zero exercise and zero change in my diet, I am 6.5lb down.

Still had wine & takeaways 🙊

I have had loads more energy, felt fuller for longer and snacked less often but most importantly less bloated.

- Amanda T


Only 3 days on Slenderize and not even being rigid with it I’ve lost 6lbs I’m over the frikin moon as I struggle to lose it around my middle due to polycystic ovaries so I’m made up to see after a week or so.

– Anika G


Here’s my slenderize & absolute update...

This is my journey from 28/2 (pre-products. I started my products in May) work down the pics to 12/6 and I’m 6.6lbs down now.

My tummy no longer pushes my exercise trousers under my mum tum pouch.

I’m now a lot more comfortable in some of my size 12 clothes and only need a few of my size 14’s which I can feel are a lot more loose now.

My back and sides are a completely different shape & can even see the weight loss in my face/chin.

I love how these products are affordable for everyone, are holistic & truly work 🥰

PLUS, I’m the lightest I’ve been since I started my journey 🥳🥳🥳

– Sarah T



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